Life Upstairs BLOG

Welcome to the Life Upstairs Blog!

It has been so exciting for us to delve into the stories of past Brubacher House Hosts this year through our work on the Life Upstairs Project with Digital Historian-in-Residence Bethany Leis. While many people visit the museum in order to learn more about local Mennonite history, they are often surprised to find out that the museum, itself, has a fascinating history! It’s not uncommon for us to get startled looks and the question: 

Woah–you actually live here?!

The experiences and contributions of Brubacher House Live-In Hosts are a really unique aspect of the museum’s history that we wanted to bring to light. And while our digital exhibit focuses mostly on past and present hosts, we wanted to provide a way for the experiences of future hosts to be included in the exhibit and archives, too. With this blog, we hope to share about how we are living history–how we, as hosts, are shaping the museum and how it is shaping us.

We hope you enjoy this behind-the-scenes tour of Brubacher House!