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Welcome to Brubacher House, baby Joanna!

From the University of Waterloo Bulletin on March 8, 2022:

“Brubacher Babies and Other Notes

The campus population has increased by one this past weekend with the arrival of Joanna Frida Enns, born at the Brubacher House Museum Apartment on the morning of March 4 to museum hosts Laura and Joshua Enns. 

The Brubacher House, built in 1850, was home to Magdalena and John E. Brubacher, who raised fourteen children on 405 hectares of farmland. Farming continued until 1965 when the University of Waterloo purchased the property, and the house was transformed into a museum showcasing the region’s Mennonite history. A feature of the museum has been its tradition of housing live-in hosts and custodians – the Enns are among the 22 people who have occupied the house since 1977.

The Enns’ son Oran was also born in the museum apartment in 2019. The family is excited to welcome Joanna to life on the North Campus.”

P.S. Joanna and Oran Enns are not the only babies to have been born to hosts while living at the museum. There have been three others! Read about them here under “Births.”